We build companies

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together the brightest and most driven business people from all over the world in order to leverage key startup resources, to learn and grow, creating highly successful businesses that have a truly great and positive impact on the world. We strive to be the world’s best venture builder that offers a truly unique support to all of our startups. We want to leave a legacy for others to use and build upon!


We are Operational

We are much more operational and hands-on than a typical VC company. We provide capital, staff resources, host internal coding sessions, design business models, work with legal teams, build MVPs (minimum viable products), hire business development managers, and run effective marketing campaigns during their ventures’ pre-and post-launch phases

We Build

We build amazing stuff that we believe will change the world.

We Pull

We pull business ideas from within our own network of resources and create the teams to develop them.

We Allow

We allow great business ideas to develop into fast-growing, financially lean and successful businesses.

How We Work

We build businesses from the ground up


We discover and test unique business ideas for IoE World. After carefully validating the concept, we build the team and partner up with the entrepreneurs to build a product, providing seed funding to start working.


We build together with the co-founders, we help building the team to build strong products and test unique business ideas for IoE World.


After the MVP is released we help the team sell the product and find pilot users to test it as early as possible to confirm the Product/Market Fit.


As soon as the product has traction in the market, we release it to the public and work hard on growth and customers acquisition together with the entrepreneurs.

wE help raise

After 12 months, as the company grows, we help raise the series A funding round.

We fund Internet of Everything Technologies


The IOE challenges and needs

A Large Eco-System Play:

• No single company has it all!

• The needs of the major industrial players provides a clearer indication for viable investments

Market Needs Acceleration

• The current eco-system for IoT/IoE is fractured, has many players, with sub-critical efforts, providing limited functionality, and is vertical specific.

• For each participant the inclusion in an end-end solution requires significant up front investment in development, integration, and deployment.

• The result is a high risk envelope and a long wait for ROI.

Complex Go-to-Market:

• Hard to create efficient distribution and channels, often there is a need to create mediating service organizations

• Vertical specific solutions with difficult to follow “technology curves”

• End-end solutions requiring an assembly of a value chain for limited markets

• Hard to achieve economies of scale for infrastructure and end-users


We Fund “Interconnected” IoE Applications

We are developing a “Networked” Business Model by selecting ideas related to adjacent applications in the IoE space.

During the sales process, this interconnectedness will allow to land with one company and expand with the others.

We carefully select the technologies and fund those that can be “Networked” with the others.

Interconnected Business can leverage the sales process, the same Sales Rep can pitch more than one product when pitching the customer.

The Interconnected Applications even if completely independent will form the IoE horizontal virtual platform, with harmonious interplay of all components of the network.

Networked portfolio of companies


Companies in our portfolio








People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that actually do.

— Steve Jobs —

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